• Opticon OPL-9815

Opticon OPL-9815

OPL-9815 Kit Mfr Part # / SKU: 12963 + 13090 OPL-9815 Data Collector (includes GPS and battery)
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This barcode data collector with Bluetooth and integrated GPS module allows registration of the actual time and geographical position together with the barcode data. The numeric keypad makes it easy to add information to the identified data. The OPL-9815 scans fast and accurate and can easily manage a large amount of registrations. The identified barcode data with the actual time and location is stored on the on-board memory.

The OPL9815 has everything on board to ensure an optimal ease of use. A fast 32-bit processor, integrated barcode laser scanner, clear (alpha) numeric keypad, -easy to read LCD display (with backlight) and a powerful, rechargeable, Li-Ion battery provide fast and highly efficient data entry and -processing in many applications. Combine three types of registration at once; barcode data, time stamp and position tracking.